OG Cancer NI is a locally based registered charity, formed specifically to benefit patients and families affected by oesophageal and gastric (stomach) cancer. The medical term for these cancers is Oesophago-gastric cancer. 

Our mission is to:
To support patients and caregivers affected by Oesophago-Gastric Cancer
To communicate the early signs and symptoms of Oesophago-Gastric cancer to promote early intervention as these cancers have a high mortality rate unless treated at an early stage.
To work in partnership with healthcare providers to be patient advocates and promote best outcomes for patients. OGCancerNI works with the multi-disciplinary team in the Belfast City Hospital to improve the patient pathway and supports research in all areas of Oesophago-gastric cancer. 

The charity is run by volunteers, mostly former patients, or caregivers.

Charitable status was granted to the charity on 21/01/2020. A Consultant Surgeon, a Gastroenterologist, Clinical Nurse Specialist and a leading Researcher sit on the advisory

The Key Activities of the charity:
Wellbeing Meetings – prior to Covid-19, these meetings were held twice a year and were attended by 100 patients and carers, some who had been recently diagnosed and some who had the operation up to 29 years ago. During the pandemic, these meetings have been held by zoom. 

Awareness campaigns of the preliminary stages of oesophago-gastric cancer – these successful campaigns involve radio, digital advertising, marketing and Press coverage.

Information Stand at the Belfast City Hospital – a group of volunteers undertook training, organised and ran an information stall in the foyer of BCH. This coincided with the OG clinic being held in Outpatients Department. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 this activity has been suspended at present. 

Telephone Buddies – outgoing and incoming. As many patients do not have access to Wi-Fi this
service has increased. Newly diagnosed patients who have given permission and have passed on their details via the Clinical Nurse Specialist also receive a telephone call.
Quarterly Newsletter – the newsletter is either emailed or posted out to patients.
Equipment to improve the outcomes or to improve the patient journey/Grants for research The charity has funded:
 A quiet room for patients off ward 2North in the City Hospital
 A specialist freezer for storing blood samples
 Research by Professor Helen Coleman into Barrett’s Oesophagus
 Research by Dr Richard Turkington into blood circulation
 Specialist scales for the OG dietitians in BCH
 Funding for training in new treatment methods for patients with oesophageal cancer
 £10000 to Northern Ireland Cancer Registry to facilitate an audit of gastric cancer services in Northern Ireland.

PDF documentation available for download:

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